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Tatami gas spring strut YST6116 video demo

Product Name

Tatami gas spring strut

Product Model


Product Brand

Yongsheng YSWJ®

Relative Parameters

Suitable height of door300-600mmSuitable width of door300-1200mmReference configuration form


Suitable for upturning door



A、 With particularly strong support force,small size, save inside space of cabinet

B、 With free stop function, can open and close any angle according to the usage

C、 Without limitation force when shut offwith buffer effect to prevent the pinch

D、 Mute design,does not affect life and work

E、 With installation templates to simplify the complexity of the installation repeatedly measure steps,save installation cost and time

FNot only suitable for tatami, also applies to other large upturning doors.


Real shot renderings:



A. Notice

B. High pressure product,disassembly only by professionals

C. General configuration is 18mm thickness door,non-18mm thickness must be marked

D. Full cover 32,half cover 23,Exceed or less than 18mm, modified according to actual needs

E. Cabinet depth must be greater than 2300mm


Tatami gas spring strut YST6116 configuration form


Installation diagram:


Relative product:

Tatami gas spring strut YST6117



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