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[Yongsheng Production] Tandem Box Series Analysis

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What is tandem box? The problem has been repeatedly introduce its history, including the history of the development and other uses; likewise, Foshan Yongsheng Furniture Hardware has a similar article in the official website. If not, ask the online customer service, we are very happy to answer.

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Our tandem box model is divided into: YS701, YS702, YS703, YS704 ....... In fact, they are all similar products, because the materials and production process are the same, only that the height are different. Is this: YS701 is low tandem box with one pole; YS702 is tandem box with two pole; YS703 is tandem box with two pole but taller than the 702; YS704 is the tandem box with four pole......of course there are more higher tandem box. "There is no maximum only the highest"; of course it would be more fitting!

Let me introduce our factory tandem box. The tandem box quality is very well.Please look the material of the module.

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Must use high quality material, which is an important factor that our plant has been established for 29 years, not fall still stands in this furniture hardware market. Pass 80,000 times SGS test (no load 30,000 times the national standard test for qualified products).

Easy installation: Drawer width can be freely designed, automatic error adjustment; two-dimensional adjustment, adjustable height cabinet box panel about; quick installation and removal, the front and rear cabinet boxes can be quick-release plate quick.

Mute: Integrated silent damping system, with good cushioning effect, mother no longer have to worry about noisy BB asleep woke up.

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Save effort and smooth: The newly designed integrated damper not need install moreover. Make sure the drawer closed soft, smooth and steady;

Durable: Only the data can speak honestly, the product passed the SGS certification test 80,000 times; it would be as the environmental protection out of a force.

...... Advantage really more ~~~ 

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