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YSWJ Tandem Box Series --- One space, two kinds of different feelings

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  In the office, the tap-tap sound of high heels and Leather shoes are barely audibly, because of the carpet. The only thing you can see is its elegant shadow.

  When you are work, pulling out and push in the drawers to look for some documents. YSWJ Tandem Box Series has damping mute slide rail, it could eliminate the noise. Let you have the best of the mood to start a busy day of work.

  When your manager is building fire on you for some documents or some office equipment. You can easily find the file or the equipment cause YSWJ Tandem Box Series has Split out a lot of small space. We set up some different size spaces according to your using habit. When you pull out the drawer, you can grab what you need conveniently. YSWJ Tandem Box Series has a variety of accessories. You can apply whatever one to suit your office needs.

  Using YSWJ Tandem Box Series could make your employees work happily and conveniently. If you still using other slide except our product, it would like you haven’t lay carpet in your office. And the noise would be unavoidable.

  If you are planning to renovate your office, I highly recommend you to request construction unit to apply our product. Then you may have a good mood for work ever after.

  If you are a furniture manufacturer or a retailer, I also suggest you to choose our product. Our high quality product would help you open up a different level market. In this increasingly competitive market conditions, the key to success is consist in your purchase choice. After all, The eye of masses is bright, they would willing to choose the product which have the best price and quality. 


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