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Gas Spring Manufacturer--Yongsheng

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Gas spring manufacturer--Yongsheng gas spring production has the following advantages:

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High hardness thick material piston rod, with a good seal, no oil leakage phenomenon. Soothing muted effect to make your home feel more comfortable. This production are improved continuous after years. After thoroughly familiar with the principles of gas springs. Gas springs out through improved, their functionality and appearance are getting better. It through 48H NSS test (salt spray of the test). Filled with an inert gas (nitrogen), high stability, service life of up to 80,000 times, high temperature (60 ℃), security index burst lamp. Surface treatment using light from paint, no dried, green, corrosion and rust capacity enhancement, do not worry about wet kitchen environment. About color, it can be color according to customer requirements.


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Divided into the following two types:

1: Free gas spring (Lift gas spring) is the most widely used. It is mainly play a supportive role, only the shortest, longest two locations, are themselves unable to stop during the route. In the automotive, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, construction machinery and other industries most widely used. Free gas spring, with its light, smooth, easy to operate, low price, etc.,play a great rool in the automotive, engineering machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery and other industries. 


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2: Free stop gas spring strut (friction gas springs, balance gas spring) is mainly used in the field of kitchen furniture, medical equipment. It features between free gas springs and self-locking gas spring: do not need any external structure can be stopped at any position in the stroke, but no additional locking force. Mainly through the controller (handle) to achieve the effect. It may also be achieved by stretching rod. When using the controller to adjust in an ideal position to stop, the valve will be closed independent of the piston rod is locked in the desired position. When locking occurs, it can achieve lock. However, if more than the locking force, the locking function is no longer valid. Above all is the basic principle of the gas spring.

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