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New generation of concealed slide grand debut, much smoother, more stable, more durable![ 2016-07-29 ]
   This year,new products of YSWJ really more numerous, surprise wave after wave, in addition to tatami special support, cushioning flap hinges, we also launched a series of concealed slides load up to 35kg.    Including:Cabinet basket spe...
First Delivery Time for Tatami Gas Spring Strut[ 2016-06-07 ]
It is a good day today for Yongsheng Tatami Gas Spring Strut, when the first large goods is in delivery and on the way to customers’ warehouse.
Which is the best brand when buying Gas spring strut for Tatami?[ 2016-05-30 ]
Brand of YSWJ is trustworthy and suitable for your purchase.
Congratulations on winning the national utility models patent, Damping Support YS319 from Yognsheng’s production[ 2016-05-20 ]
          Damping Support, patent soft lid stay YS319 is also called hydraulic support, while it is more famous for this Chinese name in domestic market, beacause most customers even think that Damping Support is exactly YS319 fr...
Damping Support, patent soft lid stay YS319[ 2016-05-20 ]
Congratulations on winning the national utility models patent, Damping Support YS319 from Yognsheng’s production
Congratulations to YongSheng achieve a complete success in CIFF 2016[ 2016-04-07 ]
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YSWJ Tandem Box Series --- One space, two kinds of different feelings[ 2016-03-22 ]
When you are work, pulling out and push in the drawers to look for some documents. YSWJ Tandem Box Series has damping mute slide rail, it could eliminate the noise. Let you have the best of the mood to start a busy day of work.
Welcome to the new three hidden drawer slide machine joins Yongsheng[ 2015-11-02 ]
In mid-May, we have gone through the preparatory transformation from Yongsheng Hardware upgrade YongHuaChangSheng.
How To Select High-Quality Cabinet Hardware Accessories[ 2015-07-28 ]
Purchasing the cabinet is very costly when decorating the house. Because you will consider that it won’t change at random. To assume that a high-quality cabinets can be used for 20 years. And in twenty years time, we will be getting old, the needs also will changed...
How To Renoation The Furniture Cabinets[ 2015-07-23 ]
Look, here is an old furnishings furniture, lose paint, style unfashionable, cabinet hardware accessories are not stable. What will you do for such furniture? Direct throwing away then to buy a new, in order to avoid violation interior style!
Cabinet Hardware Accessories, Quality After-sale To Pass[ 2015-07-22 ]
As an important part of the cabinet, quality of cabinet hardware accessories began to attention by the consumer in recent years. As consumers demand is higher and higher, quality of the cabinet hardware accessories also continues to increase.
The Secret Of The Yongsheng Gas Strut[ 2015-07-14 ]
Today, introducing one of our Yongsheng flagship product: gas strut. We have developed different types of gas strut for the field of furniture, cabinets and even machinery, medical equipment and so on.
[Yongsheng Production] Tandem Box Series Analysis[ 2015-07-09 ]
What is tandem box? The problem has been repeatedly introduce its history, including the history of the development and other uses; likewise, Foshan Yongsheng Furniture Hardware has a similar article in the official website. If not, ask the online customer service, we are very happy to answer.
The Rebounding Slide Rail YS720F[ 2015-07-06 ]
Push the button, the drawer will automatically pop up? With the continuous improvement of living standards, the general material goods has failed to meet people's needs!
Gas Spring Manufacturer--Yongsheng[ 2015-07-03 ]
Gas spring manufacturer--Yongsheng gas spring production has the following advantages:High hardness thick material piston rod, with a good seal, no oil leakage phenomenon. Soothing muted effect to make your home feel more comfortable...
The Effect Of Buffer, Make Life More Comfortable And Quiet[ 2015-07-02 ]
YS608 buffer is a functional product that there are "reduce noise", "human design" advantage.
【Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas】Smart hardware, intelligent life[ 2015-06-29 ]
Kitchen as an important part of home life, often reflected in the user's personality and lifestyle. As cabinet indispensable "partner", the hardware have shown a trend of rapid development in recent years. With the smart wind "fierce scraping", let cabinet hardware industry like ignited a raging fire. A major highlight of the current is cabinet hardware development became intelligent.
【Hanrdware For Kitchen Cabinets】Rail Support Please Look For Yongsheng[ 2015-06-26 ]
Yongsheng produced YS336A rail support, mainly used for cabinets door, TV cabinet door or other furniture door. Its working principle is simple but not visible...
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